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FROM 1889

We are an Argentine company dedicated to the production of corn and legume derivatives for industries and retail. We belong to the Molinos Fenix Alimentos economic group, a business holding founded in 1889.

Formed by a team with a recognized trajectory in the milling industry, our operations team consists of over 80 individuals trained by Buhler from Switzerland, the world leader in milling machinery.

The company has modern facilities in Río Cuarto, Córdoba province, located in the core corn region of Argentina, known as the "zona núcleo". This region contributes 60% of Argentina's total corn production. Due to its climatic variety, this area is excellent for the cultivation of yellow and red Flint corn varieties. Furthermore, its geographical location, at the center of the country, makes it a strategic point for land communications within Argentina and the MERCOSUR region.


To be the most reliable supplier of solutions for the food industry, by producing and supplying safe and high-quality raw materials that meet your needs, and create value for the Company.


By 2030, we will be the top choice for industrialization among companies with leading food brands who seek to outsource their production processes or establish strategic production alliances.


1. At Grupo Alimenticio, we are always open to improvements, suggestions, and the ability to adapt.

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The company's modern equipment has been provided by Bühler, a Swiss company that is a world leader in milling machinery.

We have carried out numerous renovations and expansions over the years to stay at the forefront of technology, acquiring equipment from Switzerland and Germany.


This has allowed us to increase our initial production capacity from 20,000 tons per year to the current 120,000 tons per year.

The quality of our raw materials, combined with our up-to-date technology, positions us as the best suppliers of corn and legume derivatives for the food industry in Argentina and around the world.


Grupo Alimenticio was a pioneer in the milling industry, obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 2007.


In 2014, the company furthered its commitment to quality and safety by becoming one of the first mills to certify under FSSC 22.000.

Both standards are fundamental pillars of our growth and sustainability policy, catering to demanding markets and customers. Each year, we undergo recertification and continuously improve our processes based on our policy of continuous improvement.

In addition, to enter specific markets, we certified our plant for gluten-free food production in 2018. Since 2017, we have also obtained certifications under Kosher regulations.

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Starting in 2002, a new project began in the former facilities of the flour mill owned by SA Molinos Fénix, which gave rise to Grupo Alimenticio S.A. The company commenced operations in 2004.

Grupo Alimenticio is an Argentine company initially dedicated to the production of corn derivatives for industries. In 2022, it expanded its operations to include the processing of legumes.

From 2004 to 2022, the company grew its corn milling capacity to exceed 120,000 tons annually, becoming a leader in the dry corn milling industry. It supplies breakfast cereal, snack, brewery, extrusion, and gluten-free product industries not only in Argentina but also in numerous countries, including Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Canada, Portugal, Angola, Sierra Leone, Congo, Zambia, among others.

In 2022, due to the company's consolidation and the knowledge gained over the past two decades in grain processing, as well as the rapid increase in the consumption of legumes as a primary source of protein worldwide, Grupo Alimenticio decided to enter the legume processing industry. Legumes are not only the most cost-effective option for human consumption but also the most environmentally efficient in terms of variables such as water consumption per kilogram of protein. Additionally, Argentina has suitable soil for cultivating all types of legumes.


This significant market is expected to experience sustained growth in the coming decades. Therefore, Grupo Alimenticio started with a plant with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons (with the potential to triple it in the short term). The plant consists of a mechanical and electronic sorting line based on density, as well as polishing and grinding equipment for legumes.

The project was implemented on the same site in early 2021, utilizing a domestically produced production line by specialists with over 50 years of experience in legume plants. The line was complemented with Swiss and British electronic sorting equipment (Sortex) and hammer milling equipment (Bühler).



We are available to assist with your inquiries.

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